Carson Manor

Topics: Local government in the United States, Mayor, Nursing Pages: 6 (258 words) Published: April 12, 2015
• Carson Manor remained opened nearly 30 years ago for
persons requiring nursing care.
• Carson had a bed capacity of 470.
• Staff totaled 235 with nonmanagement personnel unionized under the District Service Workers Union Local 325
• Mr. Henry Davis is the City’s director of Social services. • Carson Manor Committee of Management consists of five
aldermen who were painted or volunteered to fill these
• Ms. Elaine Tylor, director of supply for the city of Winston, was reviewing proposals for the Carson Manor study.

Background contd.
City Council


Board of Control
Committee for
Community Services

Carson Manor
Committee of

Director of
Social Services

City Treasurer

Director of Supply
Carson Mason

Defining the Issue
• The Carson Manor had a history of apprehensive
with cost disorganizations
• Over hiring non-managemental staff (basically two
to one)
• Budget is enormously incompetent in keeping and
taking care of the elderly within the nursing home
• Cost savings not in corresponding terms
• Reporting structure too complex, and unnecessary
• Current operations do not meet PSD objectives

Analyzing Case Data
• Patience Care Ltd Cost $35,000
• Clark-Hamilton Ltd Cost $47,000
• Standard Care Ltd Cost $77,000

• 1. Do noting
• 2. Standard Care proposal
• 3. Rearrange existing structure (costs and

• Standard Care would be an optimal consultant
for Carson Manor based on previous
experience, it is expected that savings should
be in the order of 8 to 10% of total expenses,
which would be approximately $1.1 million in
the case of Carson Manor.
•  Reporting structure should be minimized in
an effective manner.

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