Charlotte Iserbyt Deliberate Dumbing Down Of The World

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Sebastian Alcala
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Feb 17 2015
Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World
Charlotte Iserbyt explains us how she got involve in education and politics in this video, she says how she was upset with the ways how educations was being taught. She is known for writing the book “The Deliberate Dumbing down of America”. The book reveals that changes gradually brought into the American public education system work to eliminate the influences of a child's parents (religion, morals, national patriotism), and mold the child into a member of the common in preparation for a socialist-collectivist world of the future. She says that these changes originated from plans formulated primarily by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education and Rockefeller General Education Board, and details the psychological methods used to implement and effect the changes.

She disclosed that in the early 1980s she had a chance to meet with Norman Dodd who had been the chief investigator for the United States House Select Committee to search in to the Tax-Exempt Foundations and Comparable Organizations commonly known as the B. Carroll Reece Committee. In the video interview she claims that Dodd discussed a network of individuals including Carnegie who planned to bring about world peace by means of rapid changes in society. These changes would be brought about by involving the populace in various wars and military conflicts. She further claimed that Dodd had discussions with Rowan Gaither, the president of the Ford Foundation in which he revealed that directives from the President of the United States compelled foundations related to the Ford Foundation to direct their funding into bringing about the merger of the USA with the Soviet Union.

I personally do not support what is told in this video because we all are different and we cannot be taught as if we were not. I believe that since we all have our own personalities we all are different and...
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