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World Poverty 1

Global Poverty can be prevented

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Section 12
Instructor: Irina Khrustalyeva

World Poverty 2
I. Introduction. Thesis Statement: Nevertheless, a threat of the World Poverty is still an unresolved significant dilemma of the modernity; therefore International organizations must urgently arrange some efficient anti-poverty measures in order to adjust severe destitution. II. Background:

A. Definition of the term World Poverty.
B. Description of the problem of Global penurity.
a) Causes of the poverty:
1. External debts of poverty-stricken countries;
2. Lack of nourishment and potable water supply;
3. Industrial and technological backwardness.
b) Affected agents:
C. Effects of the poverty:
1. High mortality rate;
2. Spread of infectious diseases (ex. AIDS, diarrhea);
3. Illiteracy.
III. The first feasible solution intended to the decline of World Poverty rate is the exporting commodities and rough materials from impoverished countries to the developed states with the International organizations’ encouragement. A. Advantages:

1) Accumulation of foreign exchange for external debts’ payment; 2) Involvement into Global market.

World Poverty 3
B. Disadvantages:
1) “Unequal trade” conception;
2) Economic reliance on the specific production;
3) Alienation from industrial capital and real technology transfer. IV. Another considerable approach for the poverty adjustment is the microfinance system based upon financial services provided by the International governmental and non-governmental institutions. A. Advantages:

1) Access to legal employment;
2) Possibility for necessitous groups of population to operate their own tiny enterprises; 3) Fundamental improvement of living standards.
B. Disadvantages:
1) Long term project for accomplishment;
2) Expensiveness.
V. And the last and more effective solution in the global process of World Poverty eradication is the active humanitarian intervention. A. Advantages:
1) Rise of International cooperative work.
2) Improvement of clean water and food supply; 3) Professional health care assistance;
4) Increase of literacy through implementation of educational programs; B. Disadvantages:
1) Donations related policy;
2) One-sided solution.

World Poverty 4
VI. Conclusion. Hence, as a result of the huge deleterious effect of Global penurity, international actors should implement some essential policies in order to eradicate this problem.

World Poverty 5
Problem and Solution essay.
World Poverty
Life… Life is the only treasure that a human being possesses. However, due to some tragic circumstances this valuable riches could be lost forever. It is extremely painful to realize that someone could deprive his or her life simply because of the shortage of potable water or food supply. According to the contemporary article “Poverty Facts and Stats” near one and a half million people die from hunger and famine-related diseases every year (Shah, 2010). This horrifying statistic explicitly points out the depth of a challenging social and economic situation in the World. In fact, growing interest to the problem of poverty optimistically convinces that despite the complexity of the issue global communities take it into careful consideration and attempt to improve this sphere of social life in the nearest future. Nevertheless, a threat of the World Poverty is still an unresolved significant dilemma of the modernity; therefore International organizations must urgently arrange some efficient anti-poverty measures in order to adjust severe destitution. Initially, in order to consider the phenomena of World beggary it is vitally essential to accurately define the very notion of poverty. British sociologist Peter Townsend (as cited in Gordon, 1995) provided the scientific explanation of the term...

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