LP1 Assignment SmartStyles Salon William Steinmeier

Topics: Customer, English-language films, Skills management Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: April 12, 2015
LP1 Assignment: SmartStyles Salon
1. The three broad management skill categories are conceptual, human, and technical. A manager at Jamika’s level needs conceptual and human skills primarily. Conceptual skills would help her come up with new ideas that could help her salon weather the difficult economy and slowing business. She also needs strong human skills to manager her staff and deal with her customers. 2. Jamika has good human skills, although not perfectly displayed in this scenario, but she is a hard working person who cares about people. Unfortunately she isn’t very good at coming up with ways to promote her business or come up with new revenue streams in order to keep profits up during a down economy. 3. If Jamika wants the promotion at the Riverwood Mall Salon her customer and staff relations will be very beneficial. The Riverwood Mall Salon location is already well established and thriving so her human skills will be very important. She will have to keep and exceed the customer service standards that have already helped the establishment be successful. She will also have to work very well with the staff, her reputation should help but anytime you have a management change you have the potential for conflict. She may have staff that like the way things have always been and won’t be very receptive to change. I think her lack of vision is the thing that will hinder her the most. She has not been good at finding ways to promote, sell or change her current business in order to increase profits during a down economy. 4. Jamika should not have gotten upset in Marianne’s and customer’s presence about Holly and Carol Jean calling in sick. She should not have ordered Marianne to call Holly and Carol Jean that is not appropriate, if Jamika wants to handle her staff situation she need to make that call herself. Jamika should talk with Holly and Carol when they get back to work and see what the deal is. If they simply called in sick for a concert they...
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