Popular Culture Paper

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Popular American Culture
Austin Gardner
October 20, 2013
Matthew Szlapak
Popular American Culture
Popular culture surrounds us every day; when we go to the grocery store it’s there in the checkout line, on the car radio when you drive down the road, and on every webpage that we visit. Not only is popular culture everywhere around us, it influences nearly every decision that we make; from the television shows we watch, the cloths we wear, the food we eat, or even the cars we choose to drive. It is inevitable to be influenced by what we see every day and for it to change how we perceive the world around. In America today we have television shows like “Teen Mom” and “Sixteen and Pregnant” were as ten years ago it would have been unthinkable to show something like that on television. While I understand the message that someone may have been trying to send with shows like this, the difficulties of being a teen mom or being 16 and pregnant, the response to these shows was much different. People began to see them as showing the glamor of the situation; some teens even seemed to be getting pregnant just for the chance to be on shows like this. It even seems like the number of teen pregnancies has go up since shows like this have come out. So called “Reality Television” has driven people in America to do things that they normally would not do just to get a little bit of fame. Reality shows have driven people to being more interested in some one else’s life than in their own. Another common idea in America today is the idea of credit. Twenty years ago most people did not have credit cards, in fact the only thing that they would use financing for was to buy a house or a car. Today on the other hand people have gotten to the point of using one credit card to pay off another (the old saying steal from Jim to pay John comes to mind). But who can blame them with nearly every store in the country offering zero percent financing for three years. It has...
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