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Topics: Data, Sales, Pivot table Pages: 7 (522 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Northwind Traders Company
To:Northwind Traders
From:Brian Beaudoin
CC:Arman Kanooni
Re:Sales Analysis
Thank you for commissioning my services and the chance to analysis your company’s data. The analysis and recommendations are based on the data provided. Please let me know if you have any additional questions that I can answer concerning the analysis and/or the recommendations provided.

ANALYSIS 1 – Discount Level Analysis

The initial step to this analysis was to determine if discounts have any effect on sales. In going so I categorized the discounts in to 5 level subtotaling all discounts under 10%. In do so, It was determined that the lowest discount level of 0%-9% products the most net sales and number of sales across all categories.


We can see that the lowest discount level is the most active and productive discount in generating sales. Additionally, there is no significant impact when offering 10%-25% discount and I would recommend avoiding the larger discount levels. Instead of offering a higher discount I would recommend reducing the discount and offering a < 10% discount by volume. Try this for a couple of months to safeguard the customer relationship. ANALYSIS 2 – Net sales over time and by agent

This analysis depicts the net sales during a year. The decline in sales in June 2006 is because it only plots the first 3 days of the month. The company sales as a whole looks promising through 2006 projections. Graphic

Since the data is not available for the entire year for 2004 & 2006, I performed additional analysis looking at the data by agent. As many on the agents have declined in sales over 2005, projections are still good as a whole. With the combined analysis of #1 and #2, I would recommend a bonus incentive by category to motivate agents to sell all products. I would recommend agents getting a compounding incentive for each category over $100,000 in net sales. I would also evaluate sales strategies Steve and Anne as they have shown growth in sales since the beginning. ANALYSIS 3 - Total Sales by Country

This analysis depicts the total sales by country.

USA and Germany are the top countries where people are buying our product. Austria and Brazil are also showing a potential for growth and we can focus on increasing market share in these countries. Argentina and Norway are the countries showing little growth. In the interest to increase Net sales, I recommend increasing or decrease the discount % respectively to move closer to the average 5.6% discount and re-evaluate the impact to sales. SELF ASSESSMENT

From completing the Excel project, I learned not only how to create basic charts, pivot tables and other graphs but most importantly understand the need for data analysis, organize data, analyze the data, draw conclusions and present evidence. I did some additional analysis which are shown in the excel workbook. I would have loved to do the What if Analysis but due to the multiple courses and my work schedule I could not budget the time for the analysis.
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