Why Do Some Children Need To Be Taken Away From Their Families

Topics: Family, Mother, Stepfamily Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Why do some children need to be taken away from their families? This is a report about why children and young people may be looked after away from their families. It will also look at the views of children through accounts of their experiences, thoughts and opinions about being looked after away from their families, it will also look at family related and child-related reasons why children would be taken away from their families and looked after elsewhere. A person called Dr Roger Morgan published a diary of notes of 23 children, who are in care, this gave an insight into how children feel being in the care system, their good experiences, their bad experiences and their thoughts and feelings. One 11 year old wrote: 1“Foster care isn’t as bad as people say it is because I always thought I would die if I came into care but I loved it. Some days weren’t good, but others were the best days of my life” This shows that not all experiences of children being in care have been bad, that some of the children that had been taken away from their families still managed to be happy children who although had bad days, still managed to live normal lives. In children homes, at lot was written about food and cooking together, one 14 year old wrote: 2“The sad thing about being in care is when it comes up to Mother's Day or Father's Day but if you see them then that isn’t as bad but even if you don’t you can get your foster carers something as they are like your mum and dad” This also shows that just because I child is in care does not mean that they are unable to see their parents on occasions and the foster cares do all they can to give a sense of normality to the children’s life’s. Among the noted experiences in secure units were friends leaving and instances of restraint, One 15 year old wrote: 3“Lock down! We didn’t have enough members of staff to deal with all 11 of us – so breakfast in bed for us... Annie left today – she’s been in secure for 18 months – I gave her a...
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